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Jen Graves/The Stranger Slog > Blog
Why Is Margie Livingston Dragging Her Painting Behind Her?

The Seattle painter Margie Livingston has a show coming up at Luis De Jesus Gallery in LA called Holding it together, in which she deploys her dry sense of humor. She harnessed stretched canvases to herself using a contraption she sewed based on bodybuilder harnesses. Then she set out on the streets. (Did you see her? Did you think you might be dreaming?)

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I'm very excited to let you know the Henry Art Gallery has acquired Crumpled White Painting on a Shelf, 2014, acrylic paint and wood shelf, 11 x 22 x 14 inches.




Holding it Together
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

April 23 – May 28, 2016
Opening reception: Saturday, April 23, 6-8pm

Greg Kucera Gallery
July 7-August 20, 2016
New hybrid paintings/sculptures will be presented in my seventh solo show with Greg.



Two Shelves>Blog
Interview with David Strand
David Strand: While the primary focus of your practice has been the materiality of acrylic paint, for your upcoming exhibition at Two Shelves, you choose to work with a brand-new material. How did you come across this material and what do you find compelling about it?
Margie Livingston: I found this big bag of black, polyester-nylon fabric in the dumpster… more >

New American Paintings>Blog
Alchemy Of Paint: A Studio Visit With Margie Livingston And Isaac Quigley
"Margie Livingston (NAP #61) has spent the last couple of years pouring, compacting and carving paint. Her experimentation with the limit of paint's sculptural malleability has culminated in a (still-evolving) process by which she manufactures sheets of marbled, plastic acrylic that are later rolled, folded and cut into a number of forms, often posts or logs."

Geoff Tuck/Notes on Looking: Contemporary Art in Los Angeles>Blog
A few words and images: Margie Livingston at LACE
"...back also to those brush strokes. The way that Margie Livingston uses them in this LACE installation they are objects unto themselves."

Erin Langner/New American Paintings>Blog
Artist Vs: Studio: Margie Livingston
"Moving through her space, from entrance to window, Livingston's studio offers an unconsciously structured progression of her approach to painting, beginning with the most theoretical objects and ending with the most physical.'"

Jeannie R. Lee/ArtScene
"Margie Livingston"
"My favorites though are Livingston's folded paintings. Lengths of dried paint skin are neatly folded and left sitting in piles. The simple domestic act of folding these swaths of marbled color allows the object to flux elegantly between finished product and waiting-to-be-used resource'"

Jason Lahr, Curator, South Bend Museum of Art, wall text for Surface Tension:
"Margie Livingston makes paintings (or are they sculptures?) that form a paradox. Presented as objects but crafted from acrylic paint, Livingston plays fast and loose with the distinctions between painting and sculpture. Simultaneously, these works reflect a literal disassembly of the surface of abstract painting as well as a wry reinvention of Abstract Expressionism's fixation on paint as material"

Suzanne Beal/Visual Art Source:
"Northwest artist Margie Livingston has long been admired for her paintings of objects from the natural world. But in "Riff: New Paintings" she proves she's a sculptor as well— albeit a sculptor of paint."




Bill Lasarow/The Huffington Post
"Art Lessons of Tucson"
"Regarding Margie Livingston's objects constructed from acrylic paint, Jeannie R. Lee says that they 'started with a hairball.'"

Rosemary Ponnekanti/The News Tribune
"Margie Livingston's paint, though, climbs out of the wall like it's always lived there"
Review of "Marked" and "Painted Remarks" in the Tacoma News Tribune

Gayle Clemans/The Seattle Times:
"'Show of Hands' offers plenty of substance at the hands of the Northwest's female artists"

Barbara Matilsky, Curator of Art, Whatcom Museum: “Every so often, an art critic claims that ‘painting is dead,’ that it can’t be pushed any further—there’s nothing new to explore. Livingston’s work says otherwise, both in the way she experiments with paint and the compositions that result.”

Jen Graves/The Stranger:
"Yes, Livingston's wearing her debts on her sleeve in these new works, but let's see where she's going."

Regina Hackett: "She uses it to dissect her representations, to pool her resources and to chart a lyrical course through light, space, form and time."

Joey Veltkamp:
“'s quite a small group of folks who have won both the Betty Bowen and the Neddy
"I went to Margie Livingston's talk yesterday (along with about 50 other folks!)"
"And what began as a happy accident (as much great art does), has now been developed into a really interesting new body of 3-D work."

Ryan Molenkamp: "Call them painting sculptures, sculptural paintings, paint installations... call them what you will, they are delightful and interesting to look at, which is no easy thing. Check it out."

Susanna Bluhm: "It’s as though the paint has been forced from the canvas into “room air” and must now be on life support in order to survive. In her hands, and in this space, it’s not only surviving– it’s thriving."


Two Shelves
January 14, 2016

Artist-Run at The Satellite Show Miami Beach
Curated by Tiger Strikes Asteroid
December 1–6, 2015

APEX: Margie Livingston
Portland Art Museum
July 25 – November 15, 2015

The Momentum of Beauty
SOIL, Seattle
December 4–27, 2014

Untitled.2014 Art Fair, Miami Beach
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Booth B10
December 3–7, 2014

Poured, Sliced, and Draped
Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle
May 22 – June 28, 2014

Equipollent: The Artists of Inside Art 2013
Standing Visit Projects
301 Storefront Gallery, Seattle
December 5–21, 2013

BAM Biennial 2012: High Fiber Diet
Bellevue Arts Museum
Bellevue, Washington
October 25, 2012 – February 24, 2013

Margie Livingston: Paint Objects
Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle
October 4 – November 10, 2012
Supported in part by a 4Culture Individual Artist Project Grant and a CityArtist Project grant from the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
4Culture and the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Artist’s Talk
Garfield High School, Seattle
May 18, 2012

Margie Livingston: Twenty Gallons
LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
June 16, 2011 – March 25, 2013

Pulse Miami
Showing with Luis De Jesus Los Angeles,
Booth B-102
December 1–4, 2011

The Three-Dimensional Line: volume, scale, illusion, emotion
Kirkland Art Center
April 16 – May 26, 2011
Opening reception Friday, April 15, 2011, 6–8:30 PM

Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago
February 18 – April 30, 2011
Opening reception February 18, 2011, 6–8pm

Paint Objects
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
January 22 – February 26, 2011

Marked: Susan Dory, Michelle Grabner, and Margie Livingston
Curated by Elise Richman
January 17 – February 26, 2011
Kittredge Gallery

Kittredge Hall, University of Puget Sound

Honoring 15 Years of Neddy Artist Fellows
Tacoma Art Museum
June 5 – August 22, 2010
Tacoma, WA

SOIL in Residence
Seattle Design Center
March 14 – May 28, 2010
Seattle, WA

Shenzhen Fine Art Institute
August 18–28, 2008
Shenzhen, China

Jacob Lawrence Gallery
University of Washington
January 2009
Seattle, WA

ArtTalk Series
Gage Academy
November 8, 2007
Seattle, WA

Public Dialogues with Artists and Mathematicians
Shift Gallery
Saturday, May 12, 2007
Seattle, WA

Aqua Art Miami Beach
December 7–10, 2006
Miami Beach, Florida

All in the Painted View
Museum of Northwest Art
July 15 – October 8, 2006
La Conner, WA

Archer Gallery
September 19 – October 22, 2006
Clark College, Vancouver, WA

UW School of Art Alumni Award Exhibition
Jacob Lawrence Gallery
October 25 – November 12, 2005
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Northwest Biennial: Buildingwise
Curated by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov
Tacoma Art Museum
April 17 – August 29, 2004
Tacoma, WA

The Last Judgment Project
Bumbershoot Arts Festival
August 26 – September 1, 2003
Seattle, WA




January 7–30

OCAC Artist-In-Residence Exhibition
Hoffman Gallery, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland
December 4, 2014 – January 27, 2015

Pulse Art Fair, Miami Beach
Greg Kucera Gallery, Booth D3
December 3–7, 2014

Expanding on an expansive subject, Part 1: Margie Livingston, Paint as canvas
Armory Center for the Arts, Los Angeles
July 13 – August 31, 2014

VOLTA NY with Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
March 6–9, 2014

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
October 19 – November 23, 2013

Chamber Music
Frye Art Museum
Seattle, Washington
February 9 – May 5, 2013
International Artists in Bern

Bern, Switzerland
April 15 – May 15, 2012

Matter in Transit
Kunstruimte 09
Groningen, The Netherlands
(“Kunstruimte” is Dutch for art space)
April 1 –May 5, 2012

Confluence Gallery
Twisp, Washington
February 25 – April 14, 2012

Art Miami
Showing with Greg Kucera, Booth B-12; and with Zolla/Lieberman, Booth C-11
November 30 – December 4, 2011

Aqua Art Miami
Showing with SOIL, Room 226
December 1–4, 2011

POD installation: Remains
National Performance Network/Visual Artists Networkannual meeting
Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa
December 8–12, 2011

LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
Benefit Art Auction
May 19, 2011

Bloom & Collapse
, Seattle
February 2–26, 2011

Panel Discussion: What is Innovation in the Arts?
December 10, 2010, 6–8pm
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

Surface Tension
South Bend Museum of Art
October 2, 2010 – January 8, 2011
South Bend, IN

Show of Hands: Northwest Women Artists 1880-2010
Whatcom Museum
April 24 – August 8, 2010
Bellingham, WA

Riff: New Paintings
Greg Kuceara Gallery
November 19 – December 24, 2009
Seattle, WA

Aqua Art Miami
December 4–7, 2008
Miami Beach, Florida

Art Miami
December 5–9, 2007
Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL

Richard Levy Gallery
July 20 – August 31, 2007
Albuquerque, NM

Greg Kucera Gallery
March 15 – April 28, 2007

Seattle, WA

The Flattening and Opening of Space
In collaboration with Carrie Bodle
New Works Laboratory, 911 Media Arts Center
September 12 – October 27, 2006
Seattle, WA

Exploded View
August 3–27, 2006
Seattle, WA

SOIL 1995-2005: A Retrospective
October 6–30, 2005
Seattle, WA

The Structure Paintings
Greg Kucera Gallery
April 7 – May 14, 2005
Seattle, WA

An Introduction
Greg Kucera Gallery
January 8 – February 29, 2004
Seattle, WA

Fulbright Project
I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to work in Germany from September 2001 through July 2002. More...



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